Hit the ground running — be the author of your life or business journey. Seize moments and opportunities for growth by planning for a direction that will enrich your quality of life.

Our life and executive coaching ethos is founded upon assisting you in improving your personal wellbeing, attaining your professional goals, enhancing your team dynamics or establishing sustainable growth and productivity within your organisation.  

Coaching sessions or engagements are tailored to your personality and ideals in a mutually coordinated plan aimed towards attaining results. Teaming up with Urban Coach can assist you in actioning and achieving personal, professional or institutional goals in an effective and sustainable way.

Depending on your location, consults are held in person at a setting of your choice, via video conference or by phone. Initial consultations are free of charge to establish whether coaching would be of benefit to you or your organisation and to solidify a plan in moving forward.

Urban Coach allows for flexible appointment days and times to accommodate life and work commitments. A breakdown of services and fees are provided below for your consideration. Please review our coaching solutions to explore various coaching options that we have available.

Coaching Sessions

$100 to 180

Per Hour

Session fees depend on the type of coaching sought. In addition, fees are reduced for regular clients enrolled in a coaching program.

Email Coaching


Per Correspondence

For clients requiring one off advice or follow-up from previous sessions, a flat fee comprehensive email option is available for your convenience.

Events and Engagements


Per Hour

Regular hourly rates apply in addition to any travel costs. Reports are available for a flat fee determined by document length and content.

Life Coaching

Health & Wellness, Fitness, Personal, Financial, Self Care or Motivational Coaching. One on one coaching specific to individual circumstances and identified needs.

Relationship Coaching

Coaching for Individuals or Couples. All relationship topics covered — including pursuit, progress, intimacy, dynamic health and communication within intimate relationships.

Group or Team Events

Facilitated Speaking Events provided for Individuals, Companies or Institutional bodies. Subject focussed analytical reporting available upon request.

Business Enhancement

Business Planning and Development Coaching. Branding, marketing and industry tailored analytical resources for startup or established businesses. In-house services are available for branding design and web development.

Corporate Strategy

A competitive edge. Increased employee satisfaction and productivity. This service includes facilitating communication between departments and staff to identify the appropriate direction for long-term results.

Institutional Advancement

A key component to increasing institutional production is to engage in multidisciplinary research. Initiative specific facilitation is provided to meet greater demands for collaborative and revolutionary research.

Life Coach
Life, Business & Research Strategist

For the past 17 years I have assisted clients as a Life Coach, Executive Coach and Speaker in North America, Australasia and Europe.

My first introduction to coaching occurred in an after hours classroom where I provided tutoring and mentoring services. It was there where I was given opportunities to tutor peers and youth with complex and varied challenges. The scope of responsibilities often involved more than academics. For example, one student requested assistance and coaching in the area of public speaking, seeking to overcome a speech impediment.

One of my first clients benefitted from coaching by overcoming challenges relating to social anxiety. He or she was motivated by a desire to apply for a promotion; a new role that would require greater networking and communication skills. Therapy and other modalities had not been effective. I would coach on dialogue techniques and provide feedback and encouragement following social exercises.

The process of watching others improve, succeed and attain personal achievements pushed me to continue pursuing my profession. I became certified as both a Life and Executive Coach, extending my experience in areas and social subject matters to accommodate the varying needs of those seeking coaching services.

Unexpected life changes can alter our direction and plans, requiring us to embrace a new path. Often we conceptualise goals that benefit from outside sources of motivation, insight and experience. I offer coaching sessions and programs founded upon integrity, commitment and a strong desire to see all of my clients attain what they set out to accomplish.



What I Do
  • One on One Coaching
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Program Speaker
  • Freelance Writer
  • Business Coaching
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Research Strategy
  • Analytical Reporting
What Clients Say
  • Without a doubt, Allie is the most gifted life coach that I have ever had the good fortune to meet. Her capacity to identify and articulate complex truths surrounding human relationships of all kinds (be they personal, professional, romantic, etc.), and how to resolve any problems within each, is simply awe-inspiring.
  • Wow. Really good practical advice you offer. I really really appreciate that. It was well thought out and very insightful. I’m tired of people saying, “just leave”. I wish it were that easy. This is the kind of help I need. Thank you a million times for it.
  • Allie is attentive and able to see things from an objective point of view. She has always offered organisation and clarity to the complex situations I have encountered.
  • You know, I really enjoy your writing style, and also your phenomenal ability to communicate. Thank you for publishing such enlightening and educational thoughts, and I’ll snap up any book that you write in the future!
  • Allie’s experiences and her insight make her a strong presence in the lives of others. She is one of the most intelligent women I know and has a very discerning spirit.
  • Coaching with Allie is extremely effective because she is authentic, professional and has a kind heart which easily makes her sought out to be near and work with.

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Coaching Solutions

New Programs

Beginning this year, Urban Coach will be offering new distinct coaching services. To learn more, please review our coaching solutions.

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